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July 25, 2010 / stevembca

July 2010: rain at last, and lots to pick and eat

Forget the hose and watering can, get the basket and snippers! Courgettes in full swing, radishes, more mangetout that we can mange, and cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Interestingly, we have far more courgettes that we planned, partly because the pumpkins turned out to be yellow courgettes, and we forgot that there was another bed of courgettes in a lower bed.

These are winter festival squash, very healthy and fruits just forming.

The summer cabbages have hearted up well and are ready for eating…..

They were covered with mesh once planted out so no caterpillar damage….

Purple podded peas – pods purporting to be mangetout picked prematurely byimpatient plot people but once allowed to fatten up they are divinely sweet.

Perfect fat specimens of beetroot! Just had some in a sandwich for lunch. Delicious!

Look at that. Not spinach, though the leaves can be eaten and some were. not a big fat carrot either – a mangel wurzel, from the Heritage seed library. Like a beetroot, apparently the word is mediaeval and means ‘root shortage’ We parboiled then roasted them, and now they’re a favourite – like a cross between a sweet potato and beetroot.

I’ve never seen this before  – some of our Cara potatoes have fruited – like tomatoes, to which they are of course related. Not sure why yet.

The tubers were delicious.

Parsnips are looking good after a bit of rough weeding, these were module grown as seen on sustainable garden blog

The sprouts, above, are now uncovered after two months under the mesh.

As the end of July approaches, we are busy preparing for our Open Day – to welcome all the village into the walled garden to see what we have done. There’s a folk band, drinks, cake and a barbie. I wonder if we can get the shed and polytunnel finished by then?


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