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October 11, 2010 / stevembca

potato harvest

Our first year has been a resounding success , but there has  been an unexpected problem – getting the produce picked, harvested and taken away for eating.

Most of our veg has been picked and taken by whoever wanted it at the time, a delightfully unregulated friendly free for all which confounded the predictions of the pessimists in the village. We did agree though to harvest the potatoes togther, on two separate days. The first harvest was of the (not very)earlies, at the end of august.

Those not taken away on the day were put in the polytunnel to dry for a few days whilst they awaited collection … sadly quite a number were never collected for whatever reason and turned green. Oops!  When we harvest the main crop, we will remember to protect them from the light.

Anyway when we harvested the main crop and found a different problem: they are full of little holes.

Potato Cyst Eeelworm presumably…the scourge of newly cultivated ground, I seem to remember.



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  1. Rob / Oct 12 2010 3:27 pm

    …or slug damage..
    Kestrel is one of the best second earlies for all round slug resistance. We use it each year.

  2. tomatosteve / Nov 4 2010 8:09 pm

    thanks Rob
    we did have some slug attack but aren’t these holes too small and bore-like for slugs? we did grow some kestrels, will ask others if they were noticeably slug resistant…best thing I suppose is to dig em up before the slugs find them..

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