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February 10, 2011 / stevembca

What’s still edible as winter ends?

It’s one of those days when you hang around indoors kicking the walls, waiting for the rain to stop so you can get outside. Finally it stopped at 4 so I stuck gloves and a camera in my pockets, reclaimed half a dozen gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes en route, and trudged down to the community allotment garden. I really wanted to see the new trees but we’ll save that one for another post.

What is there to pick for dinner?

Surprisingly, there’s still a few sprouts.. the snow in december meant few were picked for christmas. Had some tonight, still tasty.

Then there’s the sprout tops, like little individual cabbages…

Also there’s plenty of kale in good condition….

I was hoping for some purple sprouting broccoli. It has recovered from the frosts and snow but still smelly and no purple flower buds yet, sadly….

There’s still some leeks but we’ve eaten all the parsnips.


They were quite big – Guernsey, I think they were, some smaller ones would be better next year…or maybe our soil was just too fertile!

Lastly, in the polytunnel, there’s still loads of salad. Picking fresh salad leaves  when the polytunnel was covered in snow in december was very satisfying.  If we can grow salad in the coldest winter for 100 years, just think how much more we can grow in a normal winter….whatever that is!

Meanwhile, this year’s tomatoes and peppers  are already a couple of inches high, indoors, and the aubergines are hopefully germinating as we speak…


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