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July 25, 2010 / stevembca

Harvest starts in June

First thing harvested was lettuce, followed by broad beans, potatoes, and courgettes at the end of the month.

Watering was a major workload, as in May – virtually no rain since march –  until July 1st

Fortunately we had a  4 way hose system – photo thanks to our watering geek

The summer cabbages, planted in May, were hearting up nicely free from caterpillars under their covering, as the mangetout appears

The greenhouse was stuffed full of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and although we had the cover for the polytunnel, we lacked the perfect opportunity to put it on.

The shed, foraged for free from bristol, sat ‘flatpacked’ under the tree awaiting assembly

Planting stuff, then keeping it all watered and weeded was taking almost all our time.

July 25, 2010 / stevembca

spring 2010

initially we bordered the beds with wood but soon realised that this was too much work for the moment, so just roughly marked out beds and put in whatever we had ready. Maybe the autumn would be better for making proper raised beds. Once the top row reached the archway we started on the lower row: it was obvious we wouldn’t use the enitre plot this year so the final quarter, near the churchyard, was planted with crimson clover for 12 months.There has been an insane  amount of weeding required, mare’s tail, ground clover, bindweed and  also comfrey sprouting up everywhere. One of the first things I did on the plot in March was mark out and plant comfrey, not realising the entire walled garden was a huge comfrey bed!

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June 10, 2010 / stevembca

overgrown and unloved walled garden comes back to life

It is only 3 months since we started work on this community allotment and look at what has been achieved!

In Autumn 2009 Franck first suggested the idea and approached the landowner, the Duke of Somerset.

In Spring 2010 permission was given for a communally worked allotment garden on the walled garden next to the churchyard on church street, maiden bradley.

The site was badly overgrown and was first ploughed by Graham then rotavated by Philip before beds were marked out and planting started in April

marking out the first bed

The first few beds were filled mainly with potatoes, with a few broad beans and garlic. As the weather improved, later beds were sown with peas, mangetout, cauliflowers, sprouts, french and dwarf beans, kale….you name it.

the green house was made out of 2 donated ones joined together…..

A polytunnel frame was loaned and erected….